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Speed supporting business decisions

Create real time analysis to get strategic answers with Tableau Desktop. Create interactive dashboards quickly and easily: to bring out the information you need and make informed decisions based on real data. Thanks to Tableau Desktop, you will be able to seize opportunities and discover trends to elevate your business.
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Integrates various data sources

Merge different data sources: big data, SQL, Excelo cloud apps like Google Analytics and Salesforce. Access and combine data without writing any lines of code.
Are you an expert user? Create matrices and manage metadata, so as to optimize your data sources.
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In-depth analysis

Quickly create calculations from existing data, drag, drop reference lines and forecasts by reviewing statistical summaries.
Understand the statistics by analyzing data trends, regressions and correlations.
Ask yourself questions, identify trends and opportunities, and then make more efficient decisions based on real data.
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Interactive maps

With Tableau Desktop you can view your data on the maps, because knowing the "where" trends and events occur besides the "why" is fundamental when it comes to strategic analysis.
Tableau provides the postal codes of over 50 states and allows you to create geographical codes and customized territorial areas to allow you to manage your data to the fullest.
Tableu's maps are specifically designed to highlight your data.
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Share your dashboards with confidence

Tableau differs from the competition in the simplicity of sharing dashboards and maps, all in a safe way: share your data interactively, allowing your team to make an important contribution to the analysis.
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Big data, live or in memory

Export large amounts of data quickly with Tableau: the system is equipped with a database with innovative graphic features that allow you to analyze large amounts of data even on a desktop PC.
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