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Business Analytics in the Cloud

Collaboration in the cloud

Tableau Online is the Tableau platform in the cloud, which allows you to share your dashboards and analysis with anyone, wherever you are, simply with an internet connection. You can interact, modify and create content directly from any device, and in this way be always updated and operational, even while traveling or away from the office.
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Stop hardware and setup costs

Tableau Online is totally hosted in the cloud, so you never have to worry about server configurations, updates or infrastructure management: you can start working immediately, quickly and easily! The advantage of Tableau Online is the centralization of data access, so that all users can work on the same data sources.
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Any data, anywhere

Tableau Online allows you to easily connect to databases such as Google BigQuery or Amazon Redshift, directly and automatically update data from platforms such as Salesforce, consult your sources in real time or schedule synchronizations.
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Safety first

Tableau Online allows administrators to quickly and simply manage user authentications and authorizations, content and data, complying with all SOC 2 requirements. Tableau compliance is periodically verified by independent companies to ensure the requested security level.
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Your analysis, wherever you want

Tableau online allows you to provide your team or your customers with secure access from wherever they are, without vpn. You can choose from time to time whether to work in the cloud or locally, keeping your data up to date. Tableau Online also allows you to incorporate your interactive dashboards on web pages or within apps in just a few simple clicks.
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Your data directly in the App

The Tableau Mobile App is a quick and useful way to keep your analysis under control wherever you are. You can operate on the data with a simple touch, filtering, analysing and editing your dashboards directly within the app. Thanks to the ShowMe feature, you can explore different ways of displaying your data.
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