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Self-service analytics for organizations

Security for your data

Spread your analyzes within your organization without any limits, thanks to Tableau Server. Simple to integrate, it is efficient, reliable and scalable, all in safety.
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From any data source

Whether you have Oracle, AWS Redshift, Cubes, Hadhoop, Cloudera, Microsoft SQL Server or other, it doesn't matter: Tableau provides a data and API connector that can access different and disparate data sources.
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Flexibility and centralization of data and security

With Tableau Server you will be able to control sources, metadata, access rules and statistics in a centralized way, maintaining flexibility. Tableau integrates with all the most widespread security protocols: Active Directory, Kerberos or OAuth just to name a few. Manage authentication and control users, ensuring effective management of permits.
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Flexible integration with the existing system

Tableau Server has the flexibility needed to better integrate with the existing infrastructure, thus significantly reducing implementation time and costs. Whether you want to keep data locally or in the cloud, it is transparent: the integration of Tableau is not only simple, but it is also fast. You can install, configure and activate users in less than an hour.
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From any device, share your analysis

Thanks to Tableau Server you can make your analyzes available to all your stakeholders, integrating them into corporate intranets or in portals such as Salesforce, SharePoint or Jive, always ensuring maximum security, and from any device.
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Simple to implement

Tableau Server allows you to easily manage and monitor users, content, licenses and authorizations. Tableau is a reliable and stable system thanks to a valid disaster recovery system and a robust failover. You can change your license quickly, by expanding or resizing it, updating or adding nodes based on your real needs, without any interruption in business continuity.
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